Monthly Blog Post: Feb 2022

Blog Post Format

Last time, I laid out a particular format for these blog posts. In particular, I promised a “short essay” about video games and their development, followed by status updates and recommendations. The more I thought about it, though, the less appealing it sounded. Combining essays and status updates seems like a marriage of inconvenience; Why not just put them into separate posts?

Making the Level Maker

In January, I focused on creating the ending area for N Step Steve: Part 2. I could discuss that in detail, but… I kinda want to keep things a surprise. So, I’ll instead talk about what I focused on this month, which was the level editor.

A screenshot of N Step Steve: Part 2’s in development level editor.

Super quick design advice

I’m thinking about writing a blog post about movement systems in grid based puzzle games. That might take a while, but here’s a quick piece of advice:

Cool links

Here’s the section where I highlight things that I like.

  • I just mentioned A Monster’s Expedition (By Draknek & Friends) in the above section. It’s good.
  • You Make a Mean Move Counter by MisshapenSmiley is a funny game. It’s basically one giant in-joke, but even if you don’t understand the “Thinky Co.” references, its comedic gameplay makes it worthwhile.
  • This silly meme video (cw: slight cartoonish violence) is something that lives in my head rent free. I know this isn’t some clever game or insightful writeup, but I never said that this “Cool Links” section would exclusively consist of highbrow content, did I? In fact, I think I’ll put a silly meme in every “Cool Links” section from here on out.

That’s it

I’m done writing. Bye.



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