Monthly Blog Post: November 2022

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2 min readDec 6, 2022


Welcome back. This will be a shorter blog post than usual, since I’ve been feeling really tired lately

The light at the end of the wormhole

Over the past year and a half (I still can’t believe it’s been that long,) I’ve been working on bringing N Step Steve: Part 2 to fruition. And thankfully, I can say that it’s extremely likely the game will launch some time this month.

A screenshot from the game depicting a ship launching from a planet, leaving a trail of fiery particles in its wake. (It looks less cool than it sounds from this description.)
Launch is almost here!

Part of me wonders if the game will truly be ready. There’s still a lot more I’d like to get done in terms of general polish. The level editor could definitely use a lot more work (and will probably get more features post-launch.) But the “meat” of the game is there, and it’s more polished than any of my previous games have been.

And wow, is it big.

Last I checked, the game had about 150 rooms in it, give or take, which I’m pretty sure is more than the previous two games combined. I could go on about all the ways in which this game is bigger, but I fear I would spoil too much, because I’ve invented new ways for this game to have too much content. Don’t worry, I’m kidding about the content being “too much.” Sort of.

Shortly before releasing the (then secret) first part of N Step Steve, I wrote a Tweet thread saying that it was possibly my new favorite game I’ve made. I’m not sure if I feel like this part is strictly better, since the sheer size of this game might be overwhelming. The tiny nature of part 1 gave it a cozy feeling, and I don’t know if this part captures that same feeling quite as well.

In spite of it all, I don’t regret its size, and I don’t regret spending a year and a half (plus the time spent during Part 1) to develop this game. There’s a lot of cool things here that can only happen in a game this big.

I enjoyed making this game, and I hope you’ll also enjoy it when it finally releases.

Cool Links

  • Another Clone is a cool puzzle game.
  • Confounding Calendar is like an Advent calendar, but for puzzles. It has a lot of cool entries, and you may even see a certain entry from a special someone. Hint: the special person is me. Though I guess all of us are special.
  • I’m on Mastodon now, In case you haven’t heard. Also Cohost, but I suspect that I’ll seldom use Cohost. It seems like it would require a lot of commitment to keep up with it, and the last thing I need in my life is more time on social media.

That’s all for now. See you soon!



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